Aikido in the UK

The 2nd European Aikido-l Seminar in Windsor, UK

Colmers Farm

The Pictures...

The Bowling...
The Single Malts...
Saturday Lunchtime
Sunday 1am
Group Photos

The Videos...

Mike: techniques from the short end of the Jo.

Ikkyo WMV - 274KB
Ikkyo2 WMV - 294KB
Ikkyojo WMV - 274KB
Iriminage WMV - 634KB
Nikkyo WMV - 505KB
Nikkyo again WMV - 876KB
Sankyo WMV - 738KB

James: Introduction to Ki Aikido

Kokyunage WMV - 283KB
Kokyunage WMV - 198KB
Kote Gaeshi WMV - 252KB
A Ki exercise - relaxed WMV - 495KB
... and not relaxed WMV - 235KB
... and more to come ...

Karl: Aikikai Germany

A nice demonstration of henka waza WMV - 929KB
Another nice demonstration of henka waza WMV - 985KB
Ikkyo WMV - 226KB
Ikkyo again WMV - 215KB
Ikkyo WMV - 241KB
Kokyunage WMV - 297KB
Kokyunage again WMV - 271KB
Projection starting from Ikkyo WMV - 375KB
Projection starting from Ikkyo again WMV - 252KB
Shihonage WMV - 221KB
Shihonage again WMV - 260KB

Justin: Yoshinkan Aikido

Katamochi Sokumen Iriminage Ichi WMV - 272KB
Katamochi Sokumen Iriminage Ichi WMV - 221KB
Katamochi Ikkajo Ichi WMV - 345KB
Katamochi Ikkajo Ichi WMV - 319KB
Shomenuchi Kotegaeshi Ichi WMV - 350KB
Shomenuchi Kotegaeshi Ichi WMV - 266KB
Katamochi Sokumen Iriminage variation WMV - 423KB
A neat Sokumen Iriminage WMV - 283KB